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O-Lab Max

Parameters included : 68

₹ 7000.00 ₹ 2199.00

With an environment where we are constantly exposed to stress and toxins, with genes impacting our health and susceptibility to diseases, it makes sense to go for comprehensive diagnostic tests from a reliable lab. This is why this panel has been designed for all age groups and genders to cover basic tests as well as advanced tests for cardiovascular risk factors, diabetic control/risk, toxin exposure, and much more. It covers CBC, Kidney profile, diabetic profile, cardiac risk markers, homocysteine, C-Peptide, Lp-PLA2, toxic elements, and many more tests. In order for you to understand the results and take an active approach towards a better health, we also offer complimentary physician and dietary consultation.

Recommended for :

  • All genders

Reporting Time:

  • 24 hrs

Fasting time:

  • 10-12 hours