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A Simple Blood Test Can Help You in Your Battle against Obesity

20-07-2021 Posted By : O-Lab Team Share :
A Simple Blood Test Can Help You in Your Battle against Obesity | O-Lab

Obesity is a major global concern, with the ongoing pandemic and restrictions; it is difficult for people to maintain their healthy lifestyle. India like many other countries in the world is currently finding ways to tackle the situation. People of their own volition have taken up several diet plans ranging from Keto to Intermittent fasting, before one takes up a diet, he should ideally get his blood tested. Often certain diets that we follow have a drastic impact on our bodies. It is highly recommended that people should follow a diet after visiting a doctor or having a blood test done.

The reason why doctors push for a blood test before recommending a diet is to have a better understanding of your body. A diet should focus on your body's requirements. People often take up diets without consulting a doctor which leads them to either fainting or worse being riddled with ailments. The major cause for this is an imbalance caused by the hormonal make-up of our body. A blood test will help identify the number of calorie levels required by the body and which types of food to avoid. O-Lab’s weight loss check-up packages offer to test all the vital parameters which would affect the normal functioning of critical body organs. A little variation in an individual’s weight can impact the normal functioning of vital organs like the thyroid, pancreas, and liver, etc.

People with obesity are often tackling their cholesterol; high cholesterol will create fatty deposits in the blood vessels opening them to heart-related illnesses. They are recommended to stop eating food that is rich in saturated fat and is asked to avoid full-fat dairy products, deep-fried- fast food and processed food, etc. The thyroid is a vital gland that is responsible for our metabolism. The health package offers to test the TSH, T3, and T4 Test which will help discern the functionality of our thyroid. A nutritionist can recommend food items after evaluating results which can help boost the functionality of the master gland.

Any impact in the Liver and Pancreas functioning can have drastic health impacts. These two organs play a vital role in the digestion process. The liver’s ability to break down fats, detoxification and maintain hormonal balance. The pancreas produces insulin which is a vital hormone responsible for the flow of glucose in the bloodstream. If any abnormality is spotted upon testing, a nutritionist will be able to recommend a diet that will help boost their functioning and eliminate the imbalance.

So before you embark on your journey, make sure you have the necessary medical knowledge about your own body. The tests will help you to make an informed decision about your diet. If you can manage your diet, that is half the battle won.

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