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Significance of Regular Health Check-up for Senior Citizen

02-08-2021 Posted By : O-Lab Team Share :
Significance of Regular Health Check-up for Senior Citizen | O-Lab

A healthy body will lead to a healthy life. To lead a healthy life, regular health check-ups are necessary. These can become the difference between life and death, especially for our senior citizens. The process of aging leaves the body vulnerable to several infections which if neglected could pose a serious health risk. The quicker these indicators are noticed, the quicker the treatment. All this would be easy if people get regular medical check-ups done.

As with age, the treatments are not only complicated and complex but also expensive. During this pandemic, our senior citizens are vulnerable, and risking them to visit hospitals or labs to get tests done is not a safe bet. To tackle this, many labs around the country have given them an option to get their check-ups at home. It is not only about identifying diseases but about maintaining control over them. With regular advancements in medical science, screening for life-threatening has become easier. People now can track their sugar levels and monitor their blood pressure.

People often suffer from hypertension and do not know about it until they get a blood check done. It would surprise you that most of the time it is because of high cholesterol. This O-Lab’s Senior Citizen Health Check-up Package offers to test your lipid profile. Hypertension is a dangerous disease and if it goes untreated can cause a variety of health issues. The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body and also the most susceptible to chronic diseases at old age. If not treated on time, this can be fatal. Regular screening of your blood can indicate if you have a healthy liver. All it takes is just one full body check-up.

Over time, your kidneys will show you signs of abnormal functions. If it is spotted on time, it may help your doctor to provide you the necessary care. The creatinine levels if found at alarming levels, is a cause for concern as it would indicate an abnormal kidney activity. Our senior citizens deserve to have a risk-free and pain-free life. Regular screening and body check-up’s will help their doctors to provide them with practical medical advice.

They may also suggest to you the necessary changes required in their diets, As the saying goes, sometimes precaution is better than cure. Your willingness to get a health check-up is just the beginning. These tests will not only help you and your doctor to keep track of your health but would also help you make informed changes in your diet.

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