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Renal Profile Blood Tests: Parameters, Normal Values, and Cost

29-09-2023 Posted By : Olab Team Share :
Renal Profile Blood Tests: Parameters, Normal Values, and Cost | O-Lab

There are some important tests for kidney function that are used by doctors to find kidney disease early, to monitor ongoing treatment, or progression of the disease. In this article, we will discuss renal profile blood tests because these tell us how well your kidneys are working. Some other tests that may be used along with these tests for some people are kidney ultrasound, urine tests, kidney biopsy, and eGFR. 


It is important to understand that kidney diseases generally don't show any symptoms in the early stages. The symptoms become obvious so late that the kidneys are badly damaged by then. This is why it is important to get the blood tests done because these tests can show the changes.

Kidney disease is becoming more common than ever which is a cause of concern. Kidneys are vital organs that remove waste products from our bodies, help regulate our blood pressure, produce certain hormones, and regulate calcium balance amongst other things. Kidney damage will affect all these functions and waste products will build up causing many issues. 

It is very important to get renal function tests if you have:

  • Diabetes 
  • High blood pressure
  • Family history of kidney disease
  • Taking certain medications like NSAIDs, antibiotics, etc., for a long period
  • If you are older than 60 years of age
  • Have a UTI
  • If you are pregnant
  • Kidney stones 
  • For a routine health checkup
  • It may be done to track the treatment or progress of the disease

In this article, we will talk about renal function test parameters so that you understand kidney function tests better. 

This is a very simple test done with the help of blood or urine samples for routine health checkups every few years in young people, once or twice a year in old people, and more frequently in those having existing issues. Testing can detect the signs of kidney disease early which can prevent kidney damage as early intervention may reverse the disease. 

Renal Function Test List

Kidney Function Test will mainly test for:

  • Blood urea
  • BUN(Blood urea nitrogen)
  • Serum Creatinine
  • Serum Calcium
  • Chloride
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Uric Acid 
  • Some ratios like BUN/Creatinine ratio, Urea/Creatinine ratio may be mentioned
  • People may additionally require tests for Vitamin D levels, eGFR, urine tests, and others.

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Renal Function Test normal value

It is important to maintain the normal value of various parameters of Kidney Function. It measures parameters like proteins, electrolytes, and minerals. 

Let us look at some parameters and their normal values. The values may differ slightly for different labs.

  • Creatinine- It is a waste product mainly from muscle tissue breakdown and from digestion of protein present in food. Renal Function Test creatinine levels show if it is building up in the blood. When kidneys are not functioning optimally, creatinine levels start rising. Its normal range is generally between 0.90-1.30 mg/dL
  • BUN- When the liver breaks down protein, it forms Urea Nitrogen which is a waste product to be filtered out by the kidneys. With decreasing kidney function, the BUN levels start rising. The normal range is between 6-20 mg/dL
  • Uric Acid- Kidney disease can lead to a build-up of Uric Acid in the body which can lead to many problems. The range is usually between 3.5-7.2 mg/dL
  • Calcium- With kidney disease, the body may not be able to make enough of active Vitamin D which in turn leads to decreased calcium absorption. This lowers serum Calcium levels. On the other hand, people may also have higher serum calcium levels with chronic kidney disease due to reduced excretion and/or increased bone turnover. Both are cause of concern. The range is generally between 8.5-10 mg/dL
  • Sodium- In people with kidney disease, sodium levels may increase. This can lead to high blood pressure and fluid buildup. It is an important marker of higher mortality in people with chronic kidney disease. Testing for it can help people restrict their sodium intake which helps your kidneys. The range is between 137-145 mmol/L
  • Potassium- It comes from foods and drinks. It is an important mineral for the body. With decreased kidney function, potassium levels may go high in the blood. High potassium levels are bad for the heart. These can lead to palpitations, arrhythmias, and even heart attacks. The range is between 3.6-5 mmol/L

Symptoms of declining renal function

You may need a renal profile test if you have symptoms like:

  • Chronic fatigue and weakness that mostly has no evident cause. This can be due to a build-up of waste products due to declining kidney function.
  • Swelling because there can be fluid build-up leading to edema in the face, hands, legs, ankle, and feet.
  • Shortness of breath can be there when fluid builds up in the body.
  • There may be changes in urine output and color. One may have difficulty urinating.
  • Blood pressure may be difficult to control with kidney disease.
  • Poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, etc may be there as the disease progresses. 
  • Worsening disease can cause itchy skin, cognitive impairment, heart issues, etc. 
  • Routine checkups can detect any changes in kidney function very early. This can allow for early intervention and lifestyle changes that can prevent kidney damage. 


Renal Function Tests measure different parameters like Creatinine, Urea, Uric Acid, and others which show how well your kidneys are functioning. It is important to let your doctor diagnose the issues and it is also important to ask a doctor regarding how certain medicines can affect the results. Overnight fasting is generally recommended to get accurate results. 

If you or anyone you know wishes to get Kidney Function Tests, contact us at O-Lab for a home collection facility or a walk-in in as we provide advanced facilities at the most reasonable prices. We assure you of safety, accurate reporting, and quick turnaround time with the best-in-class testing facilities. 

Renal function test cost is most reasonable and starts from around 500 INR. You may require additional tests. We provide both urine and blood testing along with other tests and health packages.

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