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Top 10 Best Medicines for High SGPT and SGOT

22-03-2024 Posted By : O-lab Team Share :
Top 10 Best Medicines for High SGPT and SGOT   | O-Lab

The liver is amongst the most important organs in the human body, which performs a myriad of functions. Right from detoxifying the body and metabolizing different drugs to the metabolism of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and hormones, it is an ever-busy organ. It also aids digestion and plays a key role in keeping blood sugar levels stable.


The liver produces a large number of enzymes, including SGOT and SGPT. These two enzymes produced by the liver are indicators of liver health as these are found inside liver cells. When liver cells are inflamed or injured due to any reason, these enzymes tend to leak out into the bloodstream. This is why it is so important to monitor the levels of these enzymes to assess liver health. The extent of elevation of these enzymes and which enzyme is elevated more than the other can hold important clues about the underlying cause. 


In this blog, we have broken down complex information into easy-to-understand language which can help you improve your liver health and decrease the levels of SGOT and SGPT. You will also know about the best medicines for SGPT and SGOT. Self-medication can actually harm your liver and overall health. You must take supplements and medicines after due diligence and consult your doctor.

Introduction to High SGPT and SGOT Levels

People often want to know the best medicine for high SGOT and SGPT because many people see mild elevations in their numbers. You should know that mild elevations in the numbers of these enzymes may not always be a cause of concern. You should also know that liver damage can sometimes occur without marked elevation in these enzymes. You also need to know that these enzymes may be elevated in issues other than those related to the liver.


As you can see, the human body and organ functions are really complex. It is best to let a medical professional diagnose the exact underlying cause as this would require testing for liver enzymes, your past and present medical history, signs and symptoms, medicines and supplements you are taking, lifestyle, and other diagnostic tests. But there are certain medicines for high SGOT and SGPTwhich are actually supplements that you can take for better liver health after consulting with your doctor.  


SGOT is found in the liver, heart, and muscles, as well as in the kidneys. Suppose its level alone rises without a significant increase in other liver enzymes and the absence of liver-related symptoms. In that case, it may be because of a muscle injury, a heart or a kidney issue. 


SGPT is specifically a liver enzyme. Whether it rises alone or along with other liver enzymes, it may be suggestive of a liver pathology. Sometimes, a mild transient increase may not mean any significant issue, but only a doctor would know that.


You may or may not have symptoms when these liver enzymes are high. Symptoms will also depend upon the cause. If the liver is involved, then you may have jaundice and gastrointestinal problems like nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, swelling in your legs and feet, fatigue, easy bruising, breathlessness, etc. 


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Causes of High SGPT and SGOT Levels


SGOT(Serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase)/ Aspartate aminotransferase(AST) has the normal range of 5-40 units/liter of serum.


SGPT(Serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase)/Alanine aminotransferase(ALT) has the normal range of 7-56 units/liter of serum.


In healthy people, the levels of both these enzymes will remain within the normal range. Sometimes, there can be mild elevations seen after certain infections or without apparent cause, and these levels will go back to normal without any intervention. “SGOT SGPT ratio” is also used to diagnose liver-related conditions.


High levels of SGOT and SGPT can be seen in:


? Alcohol abuse: excessive intake of alcohol over the years will strain the liver, causing scarring and, ultimately, liver cirrhosis. Liver damage, in this case, will cause an increase in the levels of these two enzymes.

? Fatty Liver: this has become an epidemic where nonalcoholic fatty liver disease(NAFLD) is seen increasingly with obesity and poor lifestyle habits. Alcoholic fatty liver disease(AFLD) is the other form of fatty liver seen. When not treated, fatty liver will progress to scarring and cirrhosis. In many cases, high SGOT and SGPT will be seen even in the early stages, which can be an alarm for you to implement lifestyle changes and get medical attention.

? Viral infections like Hepatitis A, B, and C can cause liver inflammation. Autoimmune hepatitis can also cause inflammation. The levels of both enzymes can increase in these liver disorders.

? Prolonged use of certain medications, especially their interactions, can also cause acute or chronic liver damage. These medicines include some antibiotics, statins, over-the-counter painkillers, some antipsychotics and antiepileptics. 

? Herbal and other supplements also have the potential for liver damage.

? Other than liver disease and disorders, there are some medical conditions where these enzymes may go high. These include heart attack, diabetes, gallbladder disease, obesity, celiac disease, cancer, etc.


Treatment Options for High SGPT and SGOT

For proper functioning of the liver, it is important to have normal ranges of SGPT and SGOT. When their levels are abnormal, then this indicates some damage or inflammation in the organs in which these enzymes can be found. When left unchecked, the high levels of these enzymes and the underlying cause can lead to multiple complications. 


The treatment will include diagnosing and treating the underlying cause, certain lifestyle changes, and some safe home remedies. First of all, we will take a look at the best medicines for abnormal SGOT and SGPT levels.

10 Best Medicines for High SGPT and SGOT 


There are no medicines that will directly lower the levels of these two enzymes as they are indicators of an underlying problem rather than a disease themselves. 


If the problem is with the liver, then the underlying pathology will be treated and medicines will be prescribed by the doctor accordingly. 


Antiviral drugs will be given for viral infections. For nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, a person will be asked to lose weight, get a dietary consultation, exercise safely, sleep well, and avoid processed foods. Immunosuppressive drugs will be given for an autoimmune liver disease. These medicines can only be prescribed by a licensed doctor. 


In this blog, we will take a look at some supplements and medicines with hepatoprotective effects that you can take after consulting with your doctor:


? Ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA)- It is a bile salt that will be given in case of gallbladder disease, like for those with gallbladder stones. It may also be given for certain digestive disorders.


? N-acetylcysteine (NAC)- is a substance produced naturally by the body, albeit in small amounts. Some people may take it as a dietary supplement for improving liver function. It acts as a precursor for glutathione, which is an antioxidant. NAC also has anti-inflammatory properties. 


? Vitamin E- is also called tocopherol, which is found in all the cell membranes in our bodies. It is an antioxidant that can prevent free radical damage and Vitamin E supplements have been shown to be hepatoprotective. These may help with abnormal liver enzyme levels.


It is important to remember that supplements for improving liver health are not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. Supplements cannot outdo a bad diet or a sedentary lifestyle. For optimal liver health, following a healthy lifestyle and only taking safe supplements after consulting with your healthcare provider is crucial.


Best Ayurvedic medicines for high SGOT and SGPT levels with liver involvement


? Silymarin (milk thistle extract)- can be prescribed by an Ayurvedic doctor or a dietician. It is a popular Ayurvedic product prescribed to support liver function and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

? Liver 52- is a liver function support tonic that has hepatoprotective effects. It also has antioxidant properties which protect the liver from injuries. It may be prescribed along with allopathic or other medicines to protect the liver from chemical injuries. 

? Bhumi Amalki- is another herb used for fatty liver treatment in Ayurveda. It contains various active compounds believed to help liver function and clear toxins. 

? Other herbs and formulations, like Punarnava, Triphala, Sharpunkha, etc., are also used by Ayurvedic doctors in patients with liver disorders.


4 Best Homoeopathic Medicines Which Can Decrease SGOT and SGPT Levels


? Lycopodium- is a homeopathic medicine given to fatty liver patients when they also have associated symptoms of acidity, bloating, pain in the right upper abdomen, burning in the esophagus when burping or belching, etc. Such patients may also have stronger cravings for sweets and hot drinks.

? Calcarea carb- is an effective homeopathic remedy for those with fatty liver, obesity, and symptoms like craving for eggs, profuse sweating, and sensitivity to cold air.

? Chelidonium- is another wonderful remedy for fatty liver in homeopathy. It is suitable when patients have right upper abdominal pain, constipation, liver enlargement, jaundice, etc. They may also like hot foods and drinks.

? Nux vomica- may show benefits in people having liver-related problems because of alcohol abuse. Constipation, abdominal pain, craving for spicy foods, etc, are some of the symptoms where this remedy can work wonders.


Irrespective of the type of treatment you choose for high SGOT and SGPT levels, you should not do it on your own. Treatment is based on symptoms, underlying cause, and severity of the disease, where correct medicines and dosage are necessary to prevent side effects.


You must consult a licensed doctor for an accurate diagnosis and to take medicine for high SGOT and SGPT. Different conditions can elevate these enzymes and a doctor is well equipped to diagnose the root cause behind elevated liver enzymes. 


Medicines can interact with each other, and this can cause side effects. A doctor will be able to assess your case and prescribe medicines that don't interact in a harmful way. The dosage of medicines is also carefully monitored.


Many times, simple changes in your lifestyle, habits, and diet will be sufficient to bring down elevated liver enzymes. These changes include:


? Maintaining a healthy weight because obesity can cause fatty liver. Safe exercises, along with a balanced diet for your age and health, can go a long way in managing your weight. 

? Excessive alcohol intake is among the major causes of damage to the liver. Avoiding alcohol or consuming it within safe limits according to your health status can prevent liver damage. 

? You should always follow the instructions of your doctor and take medicines as prescribed. Your doctor should be aware of the supplements you are taking. Your doctor is well-equipped to prescribe the best medicines for high levels of SGOT and SGPT.

? Eat a well-balanced diet rich in fruits, fresh vegetables, and whole grains to get fiber, antioxidants, and nutrition without overconsuming calories. You should include natural sources of healthy fat, especially Omega 3 fatty acids.

? Limit your intake of processed foods, foods high in preservatives and sodium, saturated fats, and sugars. It would help if you tried to avoid plastic for heating your meals or carrying hot meals.

? As some viral infections like Hepatitis can cause damage and inflammation to your liver, you should consider vaccination. 

? Quit smoking or chewing tobacco, as tobacco has been shown to impact the liver, amongst other organs. 

? Increasing vitamin D and folate intake(from natural sources) can also be helpful.

? Moderate intake of black coffee can also be helpful.


It is important that everyone gets regular health checkups and also gets certain blood tests every six months or more frequently if required, according to existing health issues. LFT is a simple blood test to measure SGOT and SGPT levels. O-Lab is the best place to get your Liver Function Tests and all other blood tests. You can also get free consultation with our health packages. Get at-home sample collection for your blood tests now. Affordable pricing, quick turnaround time, and accurate reporting will help you be in charge of your health and recovery.

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