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Celebrating World Autism Awareness Day 2023 with Themes, Colors, Symbols, History and Activities for Autistic Children

31-03-2023 Posted By : Olab Team Share :
Celebrating World Autism Awareness Day 2023 with Themes, Colors, Symbols, History  and Activities for Autistic Children | O-Lab

World Autism Day- It is the time to empower and include

On 2nd April, the whole world will be celebrating World Autism Awareness Day. Even today, not many are educated and aware about the Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD). ASD implies a diverse range of conditions characterized by challenges with verbal and non-verbal communication, social skills, and repetitive behaviors. This disorder is influenced by a combination of genetic and environmental factors involved amongst other factors which are still being researched. There are many subtypes in ASD. Some people with ASD can live independently, others may need some support, and some others may need extensive support. People with ASD can also be highly skilled. 

Education and awareness about this condition will pave the way for a world where a safe and inclusive space can be created for everyone. There is a need for more learning centers, research facilities, and services. World Autism Day should be celebrated by all of us. 

World Autism Day Theme for 2023

The United Nations is organizing a virtual event with the association of autistic people. Many other organizations are also observing and conducting events for WAAD (World Autism Awareness Day) on 2nd April. This year, the day is about recognizing the contributions of autistic people to the world in different areas. 

The theme for the event will be - Transformation: Toward a Neuro-Inclusive World for All

Why do we celebrate World Autism Day?

It is important to understand the history of the World Autism Awareness Day. Over years, and very rightly so, the world has moved from the idea of curing people on the Autism Spectrum to accepting them, supporting them, advocating for their rights, and in making this world more inclusive. 

This day is amongst the seven official health specific days observed by the UN and its member countries. 2nd April was first established as the day for Autism Awareness in the year 2008. The UN uses this day to urge the member states and organizations to work on raising awareness. Many organizations and activists want the day to be renamed as Autism Acceptance Day. They hold events through the month or week to raise awareness, to fight against prejudice, and to advocate for rights and opportunities for the people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

How to celebrate World Autism Day?

Everyone should participate in some way towards the celebration of World Autism Month and the day. You can learn how World Autism Month is celebrated by different organizations. 

Advocacy organizations like 'Autism Speaks' celebrate this month beginning from April 2. Some organizations reach out and connect with people around the world seeking support, sharing stories, and holding a dialogue about creating a world where everyone is respected and included. 

You must gather more information about the Autism Spectrum Disorder. You should educate your family and friends about the same. You can light your house blue or wear a t-shirt with the logo of an organization supporting the cause. You can support businesses which employ, support or are run by Autistic people. You can spend time with children or adults on the spectrum. 

Learn about the things and activities they enjoy before spending time. If you know a family which has someone with Autism, you can reach out and help them in ways they are comfortable. You should be empathetic and respectful to people with different needs. 

You can build rapport with some on the Autism Spectrum by

  • Being patient while communicating

  • Being respectful and encouraging

  • Learning about their interests and passions

  • By being clear and precise with your sentences. Don't use complex sentence structure

  • By understanding their need for a routine

  • By accepting that they may not make eye contact, will not understand slangs and rather take things literally, and they may not understand personal boundaries which you have to explain calmly

Colors and Symbols for Autism Awareness

A variety of colors can be associated with Autism awareness colors because it is a spectrum rather than a single condition. A combination of the rainbow spectrum with an infinity symbol or ribbon are used to represent the Autism Spectrum. The Blue color is being used after the 'Light it Up Blue' campaign. Let everyone on the spectrum choose the color they think resonates with them. The focus has to be on education and awareness about this condition. Empowerment and inclusiveness should be the ultimate goal.

Planning activities for Autistic children 

Based on the child's abilities and challenges, parents, teachers, and organizations

can plan suitable Autism awareness month activities. 

Choose activities for the children

  • By learning about the child

  • According to their interests

  • Taking into account their strengths

  • Catering to their senses

  • Use visuals

  • Use simple and short instructions and sentences

  • Include a space for them to calm down

  • Be patient

Social skills and communication can be improved with activities like Name Game, Emotion Cards, special board games. Cue Cards and written games can be used for non-verbal autistic children. 

Sensory activities can include Slime Experiments, Sorting Activity, Painting activities, Fidget Toys, musical toys and instruments, sensory bins, etc. 

Sometimes an autistic child may need to be engaged in calming activities. Some children like dough, fidgeting toys, and weighted blankets. You should always provide a space for the child to calm down without feeling embarrassed.


Classroom teaching for Autistic Children should focus on being aware of what a particular child feels passionate about and including them in the lesson plans. Many children with ASD benefit from multi-sensory learning. 

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