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TC DC Blood Test: Normal Range & Understanding TC In Blood Test

11-10-2023 Posted By : Olab Team Share :
TC DC Blood Test: Normal Range & Understanding TC In Blood Test | O-Lab

If you are looking for information about TC in blood tests, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the TC DC Blood Test in detail, its normal range, when it is prescribed, precautions to take, and other related information.

These tests are done to measure the total number of white blood cells as well as the percentages of different types of white blood cells. 

These tests are generally a part of a full hemogram, which includes Haemoglobin, which is responsible for oxygen delivery; Platelet count, which helps clot the blood after an injury, TC which is the total count of leukocytes or white blood cells that fight infectionsDC which is the differential count of white blood cells, hematocrit and ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate). 

It is a simple blood test that can be used to assess the general health of a person or may be prescribed by the doctor when it is suspected that the patient has an infection, inflammation, autoimmune disorder, cancer, or bone marrow disorder

TC DC Blood Test - Overview

This is a guide for you to understand white blood cell test analysis. 

TC in blood tests may also be known as TLC test, which means total leukocyte count. DC blood test may also be known as DLC test or differential leukocyte count. 

Our white blood cells are of five different types. The numbers and percentages of different white blood cells and total white blood cells are an essential aspect of our well-being. White blood cells are the central part of our immune system, guarding and fighting to protect our bodies from infections, allergies, and other threats. 

The total number of TLC, as well as differential count or DLC, can change with different conditions and infections. This is why a hemogram is one of the first tests ordered by doctors to look for hemoglobin value, Platelet count, TC, and DC, as well as ESR. 

This blog delves into these tests so that you can navigate these medical terms to understand your tests and diagnosis in a better way.

1. What is the complete form of the TC in blood test?

The complete form of this test is total count, which is also known as TLC or total leukocyte count.

2. What is the complete form of the DC blood test?

The complete form of this test is differential count. It is also known as DLC or differential leukocyte count. 

What is the TC DC Blood Test? When is It Prescribed?

White blood cells defend our bodies against various types of infections and allergies. TC blood test will measure the total number of white blood cells in the blood. 

The DC blood test will measure the number and percentage levels of different types of white blood cells, which are lymphocytes, monocytes, neutrophils, basophils, and eosinophils. 

These tests will generally be part of a complete hemogram test. This test will measure the hemoglobin levels and RBCs in the blood. It will also measure the platelet count. 

The test may also reveal if all these cells are normal or if there are abnormal or immature cells present in the blood. 

The blood differential test can help diagnose a particular type of infection, leukemia, immune system disorder, etc. 

This is so because each of the different white blood cells plays a specific role in the body's defense system. 

This Test is Prescribed To

  • Assess general health and as a part of routine health checkups.
  • Diagnose your health issue based on test results and symptoms.
  • Rule out the presence of any infection or allergy.
  • Rule out certain types of cancers and inflammatory disorders. 
  • Monitor disease processes or monitor the treatment. 
  • Monitor chemotherapy effects and other cancer treatments as there is a chance of neutropenia.
  • Monitor values when done as a part of a fever panel checkup. 

If the TC and DC test results are expected, then generally, no intervention may be required in the absence of any symptoms. In specific diseases, the total count may go up, and in others, it may go down. 

Based on an infection or a disease, some types of white blood cells may go up while others may go down. Some diseases may only lead to the rise of one type of white blood cell. 

This is why the DC blood test is so important to look at the numbers and percentages of these different types of blood cells. 

TC DC Blood Test Normal Range

The ranges of TLC and DLC tests are indicators of the body having an infection, a chronic condition, inflammation, etc. The exact diagnosis is made based on symptoms and follow-up tests. 

The normal range for the TC test is 4000-11000 cells/mm³

A lower-than-normal range of TLC means your body's ability to fight infections is lowered. This can happen as a result of certain infections or treatments. 

DC blood test normal ranges are-

  • Neutrophils- 40-60%
  • Lymphocytes- 20-40%
  • Monocytes- 2-8%
  • Eosinophils- 1-4%
  • Basophils- 0.5-1%

*These ranges may vary between labs. 

If you get this test done as a part of a routine health checkup and notice any abnormal values, consult your doctor for further diagnosis, medications, lifestyle modifications, etc. 

Preparation for TC DC Blood Test

This test will not require any special preparation or fasting on your part. You may have to fast if you are also getting some other tests done along with a hemogram. It is always advisable to inform your doctor about your medical history, supplements, and medications you are taking, existing health issues, etc. It is a simple and quick test.


TC DC blood tests and a complete hemogram test measure the values of different blood cells and Haemoglobin and show if cells are abnormal or immature. 

Our blood performs many vital functions like carrying oxygen and nutrients to cells and organs, transporting white blood cells and antibodies to defend against infections, helping in clotting, regulating body temperature, helping in the elimination of waste products, and so on. 

Thus, all the cells and other components must be in ideal reference ranges for optimal well-being. 

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