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Liver Function Test (LFT) Price in Jammu

03-05-2023 Posted By : O-lab team Share :
Liver Function Test (LFT) Price in Jammu | O-Lab

Look for a lab that offers the best LFT Test Price in Jammu along with accurate reports on time. The reports of this test can be used to check for inflammation, infection, and diseases of the liver or to monitor liver health in case of an existing disease or ongoing treatment.


The liver is the second largest organ of our body which plays a key role in various metabolic processes involving protein, carbohydrates, and fats; production and excretion of bile; enzyme activation; synthesis of clotting factors; and many others. It also aids in detoxification by filtering out and breaking down wastes and toxic products from the blood. Thereby, any problem with the functioning of the liver can lead to toxic buildup and impaired metabolic processes. Also, excessive accumulation of toxic substances seen in heavy alcohol use, heavy metals, certain drugs, autoimmune disorders, poor diet, and infections can impair liver function. A simple blood test, LFT, or Liver Function Test, can provide important clues for liver health.

Test Criteria

Do you want to learn more about the Liver Function Test and what makes you eligible to get it done? If your doctor has recommended it, you should know the need for it. Being such an important organ playing a critical role in metabolic and detoxification processes, liver health is extremely important.

You are eligible for this test

? If you have unexplained or recurrent nausea and vomiting

? If your healthcare provider notices any signs or symptoms related to liver disorder or disease

? If you are on certain medications which can change the level of liver enzymes

? If you have jaundice

? If you have a pre-existing liver disease or taking medications for a liver disease

? A person of any age, gender, or ethnicity is eligible for this test

? People who drink alcohol regularly

? If you have abdominal pain or loss of appetite or diarrhea or darker colored urine

? If there is a family history of liver disease

Why take the LFT test?

This is done to diagnose liver-related issues. You should take this test.

? As part of your yearly health check-up to monitor liver health

? To diagnose liver diseases like fatty liver, cirrhosis, tumors, hepatitis, etc. See your doctor and get this test done if you notice signs like

- Weakness or fatigue

- Loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain, especially in the upper right quadrant

- Bloated belly with or without a sudden increase in weight

- Jaundice

- Dark-coloured urine

- If the stool is pale or lighter

- Itching also called pruritus

? If you are taking medications for liver or gallbladder disease this will help monitor the treatment efficacy

? If you have diseases that can also affect your liver, along with other systems like some auto-immune disorders, gallstones, infections, metabolic disorders, etc

? To keep a check on different parameters when you are on certain medications which can affect the liver enzymes

? Monitor the progress or severity of liver conditions

? If there is a history of liver disease in your family

? If you drink excessive amounts of alcohol

? If there is a past history of hepatitis

? If you are undergoing any surgery or before starting certain medications

What are the benefits of the LFT test in O-Lab?

There are numerous benefits to getting this test from O-Lab, as this accredited lab offers the LFT test price in Jammu is 400 rs with the best test results in Jammu for LFT and other tests. Liver dysfunction can lead to significant health issues and disrupt normal life, which is why it is so important to get the test done by the best lab. Accurate results lead to timely intervention. The lowest prices, home collection facility, accurate reporting within 24 hours for the LFT test, and well-trained empathetic staff are some of the reasons to get your tests done at our lab.

 Test Parameters

These are the major parameters checked under a Full LFT Test

1. A/G ratio (Auto calculated)

2. Albumin, Serum

3. Bilirubin- Direct, Serum

4. Bilirubin- Indirect, Serum

5. Bilirubin Total, Serum

6. Alkaline Phosphatase, Serum

7. Proteins, Serum



10. Ratio SGOT/SGPT

11. Globulin

12. GGTP(Gamma GT)

Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT), also known as SGPT, is an important liver health marker. Poor diet and malnutrition will show low levels. High levels can be seen with bile duct obstruction, hepatitis, liver injury, etc.

Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) or SGOT is present in high levels in both liver and skeletal muscles. Its values can rise in conditions like Fatty Liver, liver injury, trauma, and infections.

Bilirubin can increase if you have hepatitis, jaundice, gallbladder disease, certain types of anemia, and liver diseases like Cirrhosis.

GGT or Gamma-Glutamyl transferase is a sensitive marker for liver injury. Its level may also rise in hepatitis, fatty liver disease, diabetes, heart failure, and certain other conditions.

By looking at the levels of different Liver Function Test parameters and ratios, your doctor can reach a diagnosis. Early intervention in all types of Liver issues is absolutely necessary.


1. What is the cost of a full LFT test?

The price for a comprehensive LFT Test will vary from one city to another as well as between different labs. Get this test done only from the best lab in Jammu because the liver is one of the key body organs. Reach out to us to get your test done at the lowest price with accurate results and a comfortable experience. With us, you get economical packages without compromising on safety and accuracy.

 2. Is LFT a fasting test?

Fasting is generally not required for this test. But for some patients, it may be required to avoid eating anything a few hours before the test and avoid certain medications. You should always ask your doctor about the same. Keep drinking water normally.

 3. What is the lowest price of LFT?

At O-Lab, we offer the lowest price for the LFT Test. This test will cost around INR 400 and you can opt for walk-in or at-home sample collection.

4. Which tests are done under LFT?

The tests included under the Liver panel include liver enzymes, total protein, and other parameters. These are:

A/G ratio (Auto calculated)

Albumin, Serum

Bilirubin- Direct, Serum

Bilirubin- Indirect, Serum

Bilirubin Total, Serum

Alkaline Phosphatase, Serum

Proteins, Serum




GGTP(Gamma GT)

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