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Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test Price in Jammu

26-04-2023 Posted By : Olab Team Share :
Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test Price in Jammu | O-Lab

Are you looking for a CBC test price in Jammu and a lab that provides walk-in and home collection facilities to patients Learn about the test and the best lab, which provides you with reliable results in less turnaround time.


A CBC test is a complete blood count analysis that provides important information about the different types of cells in your blood. This test can help your healthcare provider or doctor evaluate your general health or your specific symptoms. This test can help with the diagnosis of different health issues like anemia, and infections, and can help decide which investigations are needed further.

This test will give information about blood cells like Red blood cells, White blood cells, platelets, etc. Apart from helping with the diagnosis of different conditions, it can also help to see if a treatment or medicine is working as intended.

Test Criteria

If you are checking for your eligibility to get a CBC test in Jammu or elsewhere, this is what you need to know:

Eligibility for CBC Test

- A person of any age, gender, demography, etc, can take this test to evaluate the general health

- This test can be used for diagnosis of health conditions like different types of infections, as a major test to detect anemia, for certain blood cancers, etc

- Your doctor may prescribe a Complete Blood Count Test if you have easy bruising, fatigue, signs of bleeding, any infection, inflammation, etc

- It can be prescribed in case it is suspected that you have a disease affecting blood cells and related parameters

- This test is also prescribed to see the efficacy of ongoing treatment like radiation, treatment for anemia, etc

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Why take the CBC test?

You may take this test

? As part of your regular health checkup

? To find a reason for fatigue, weight loss, fever, etc

? To check for anemia

? If there is easy bruising or bleeding

? In case of an infection

? When you are pregnant

? To check how you are responding to certain drugs or treatments like radiation

? Before a surgery

? To diagnose diseases of the blood such as leukemia

? If you have chronic inflammation

? In many other health conditions


What are the benefits of the CBC Test in O-Lab?

At O-Lab, we offer unique test packages to fit the needs of every individual. We have a short turnaround time with accurate results. We offer the best CBC test price in Jammu with a home collection facility and walk-in option. Getting this test done from our accredited lab can help in an early diagnosis of different health conditions. This will help you get proper treatment on time. It will help your doctor treat your symptoms like fatigue, exhaustion, bruising, or breathlessness due to anemia. Our phlebotomist and staff are trained to make it a safe, comfortable, and reliable process for you. Reach out to us for any other information.


No special preparation or fasting is required for the CBC test. You may need to fast if you are also getting some other tests done that may require you to fast, like LFT or lipid profile.

Test Parameters

Given below are the important parameters which should be included in the CBC test. The normal ranges may vary from one lab to another based on the method used.

1. Haemoglobin (Hb)

2. RBC(Red Blood Cell) Count

3. WBC- TLC(Total Leucocytes Count)

4. Absolute Basophil Count, blood

5. Absolute Eosinophil Count, blood

6. Absolute Lymphocyte Count, blood

7. Absolute Monocyte Count, blood

8. Absolute Neutrophil Count, blood

9. Neutrophils

10. Eosinophils

11. Lymphocytes

12. Monocytes

13. Basophils

14. MCH (Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin)

15. MCHC (Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin Concentration)

16. MCV (Mean Corpuscular Volume)

17. MPV (Mean Platelet Volume)

18. PCV Haematocrit (Packed Cell Volume)

19. PDW (Platelet Distribution Width)

20. RDW (Red Cell Distribution Width)

21. Platelet Count/Thrombocyte Count

22. ESR (automated)

23. RDW- CV

24. Mentzer Index9MCV/RCC

25. PCT


How is the CBC test interpreted?

This is not a definitive test on its own but provides a direction to diagnose different problems. Some diseases can result in low or high cell counts.

WBC or white blood cells are a part of our immune system. Their number goes up in many infections, leukemia, etc. In some diseases and viral infections, the number might go down.

Platelets are involved in clot formation, hemostasis, and wound healing. Their number can go down in blood disorders, Dengue, due to some medicines, etc. The number can go up due to excessive bleeding, in some cancers, bone marrow problems, etc.

RBC or red blood cells are involved in Oxygen and Carbon dioxide transport, act as a buffer, and carry antigens amongst other functions. Their low count is seen in different types of anemia. A high count can be seen in certain heart diseases, kidney issues, dehydration, etc.

ESR or erythrocyte sedimentation rate is used to check inflammation in the body as it is high in such cases. A low rate can also be seen if someone has issues like Sickle Cell Disease.

Along with these parameters, a doctor will take a look at other parameters in the CBC test like differential leukocyte count, HCT, etc, to diagnose a condition, assess general health, look at the efficacy of ongoing treatment, or recommend further testing.


1. What is the cost of the CBC test?

A. The test price can vary from one lab to another and also based on your location. Many labs do not include all the parameters, which makes it an incomplete test. Your choice of the lab for the CBC test cannot be based on the cost, as it is the accuracy of the results which matters. An inaccurate test can lead to misdiagnosis. O-Lab has the most affordable CBC test price in Jammu along with accurate results and our test includes all the parameters. At our lab, the test costs around INR 200.


2. How much do complete body tests cost in Jammu?

A. The cost of complete body tests will be based on how comprehensive the package is, your location, and many other factors. If you want a comprehensive complete health checkup package, accurate results, and special discounts, reach out to us.


3. What is the test for Full Body Checkup in Jammu?

A. We offer comprehensive full-body checkups for men, women, and senior citizens. We also have other custom packages for different health conditions. Generally, a full body checkup will include the CBC test, LFT, RFT, urine test, lipid profile, thyroid profile, diabetic markers, etc. Both basic and advanced packages are available.

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